Our Mission Statement

We care about our planet and strive to work only with suppliers who share our values.



It is very important to us to seek classy, timeless, (yet newly updated, of course!) fashionable and well-made pieces that will be kept and enjoyed for many years as opposed to "fast fashion" that is leaving too big of a footprint on our planet.

It is our goal to contribute to the collective efforts of conscientious and mindful businesses who believe in leaving a thriving and clean planet for our children and all future generations. We will make every effort to provide our customers with ethically sourced and manufactured pieces.


Fast Fashion "Fallout"

Are the discounted prices worth it all?


Large online stores need to have a constantly changing, fashionably "what's in" selection at high quantities. These pieces are most often "knock offs" of the latest "Fashion Week" styles. The styles mimic other designer’s creations but are usually not well made and certainly not meant to be kept for any length of time. These are the "wear once (or twice!) and toss" pieces. They are filling landfills, and usually are not biofriendly. The process of making such a garment (usually from overseas) is often from a country with little or no regulations with regards to pollutants. The manufacturing process contaminates rivers and other water sources with thousands of gallons of water which contain leftover color dyes and chemicals which were necessary to make the product in large batches. So, the damage to our planet is not only from the "use once and toss" fast fashion mentality, but also from the process of manufacturing such products. What's more, many designers are unable to stop the production of cheap knock off products, especially when there is such a quick turnover to manufacture new styles in bulk. It is very difficult to pinpoint exactly who is responsible for replicating the original designs and even harder to track exactly WHERE the knock off products are being manufactured. Many times, the process of having several "middlemen" is intentional making it nearly impossible to track.

Just exactly WHO are the workers making the garments? Are they being treated and paid fairly? Or are these workers being exploited? Are there underage children being forced to work? It is a sad situation that these questions MUST be raised, but if there is a market for cheaper garments, these processes continue.

Thorough vetting processes take time. But guests can rest assured knowing they're doing business with a company that cares about future generations.


Our sister stores are also using more "eco-friendly" product sources as Cristina Toscana Design, and other designers, are producing original pieces and can buy blank source products directly from the suppliers.


Thanks, once again, for your time and for providing us with the pleasure of serving you, our wonderful guests.



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